Frequently Asked Questions

We know that privacy is essential for you and we make sure to keep all your personal information in a secured form on We make sure not to disclose your personal details to any other company for marketing purpose or for mailing purpose.

Yes, just you need to provide the basic details. Name / Mobile / Date of purchase etc. 

Yes, designs of your choice can be customized. 

Remove your gold jewellery before showering, bathing, or cleaning. The exposure to soap and chemicals can dull the gold, necessitating more frequent cleanings. It can also scratch or break down the gold,

Store your gold jewellery separately. It’s important to make sure your pieces of gold jewellery don’t touch any other jewellery when they’re being stored.Because gold is a soft metal, it can easily get scratched or bent out of shape if it comes in contact with other pieces of jewellery.

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